10 SEO Best Content Writing Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

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Digital marketing, the basis of marketing that uses internet. The era of internet is expanding at its peak. There are so many platforms which assist online services and products. Due to the rapid growth in the use of internet people prefer online markets rather than physical shops. This market mainly works on SEO (search engine optimization).

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SEO is a technique which is used to increase the visitors on the web. It is the process of developing an online content which help the website rank higher in searches.

Content is the basis for SEO a good content can help the website to rank higher. The main work of content writer is to fill the website with information of business, services, products and employee etc to gain new clients. So the content is the most important part of site to increase digital market. To write the best content for the website one should utilize some content writing tools like:

1. Google Search Console

This one is necessary for the execution of the SEO campaign. Google search consoles gives information about working of the website as well as to various tools. This will also assist in finding the best performing pages and the keywords by which the content is majorly searched. By this information it is easier to modify the content strategies to meet the targets.

2. Google keyword planner

Creating a keyword list for a website is a major step in SEO process. Whenever it is asked to write a content keyword research is the first step. Keyword assists the visitors to reach the website via search engines. Google keyword planner helps to find the most popular keyword for the content.

3. SEMrush

Searching competition is as necessary as understanding what optimized texts should feature. SEMrush is one of the trusted tools for competition research.

4. nTopic

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether you managed to finish the task successfully or not. This tool will help you to know whether the content is relevant to the keyword.

5. TopAussiewriters

Feeling a little unconfident about the content writing skill? It is a service that will provide professionals for the help to write content. One can gives the information about the topic and choose the appropriate person for the work.

 6. SpyFu

It is a bright tool which is used to do both competition and keyword research. In case of competition this tool will tells which organic keywords the website is ranking for. It can also be used to rank keywords in terms of popularity.

7. Word2Clean

It is a basic tool used to convert the text in clean HTML. While writing ebooks or uploading blog posts online clean HTML is one of the prerequisites for success.

 8. Infogr.am

Writing content for SEO is not limited to text. Multimedia and visual content is also an important part of it. If a person never made any infographic or a chart neither he is a graphic designer nor a multimedia designer, this tool will assist him to make infographics or charts.

9. wooRank

Knowing our strengths and weaknesses is an essential requirement. This tool do so it will assist the writer to know the whether he has managed his rank for keywords of interest, effectiveness of social media market and if the website has the type of online reputation that he is hoping for.

10. Hemingway

Carina Softlabs inc

Even if you are major in English you still make mistakes. Hemingway assists you with spelling and simpler grammatical mistakes.

This tool makes the writers convenient by highlighting the words or sentences that is complex, suggests eliminating excessive adverbs and turning passive voice construction into active voice. It also has a word counter, paragraph counter and sentence counter.


When SEO Content done properly the result speaks itself low quality or thin content does not provide value writing effective SEO content takes through analysis and planning this tools are beneficiary in writing the best content using the appropriate keywords and title.

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