10 Tips on How to Keep your Website Secure in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing opens doors to new opportunities and gives promotional liberty. It also provides a place for businesses to flourish,  especially small businesses. Businesses from any corner can now spread and easily connect to their audience.

As convenient as online marketing is, it’s also a place for crime and attack. Data on the internet is as secure as it is vulnerable.

Imagine giving your customer or target audience a link affected by malware. Isn’t that worrying virus coming from a trusted source, what can that to your audience and their data?

And how that will affect your client’s trust?

Exactly why security in digital marketing is important. There are a lot of digital marketing companies that help in protecting your data too.

Here are some tips to help you manage your data online and keeping it safe:-

Use 2FA

Two-factor authentication is an easy way to save your data.

It creates an extra authentication so whenever someone logins into your email address, you will get a code on your phone and email too.

So you need to authenticate again by entering that code. It also has a keyword which it shows on your computer screen and phone so when attempting a login you should be able to see both.

Make website walls 


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If you have your own business website, you can use a firewall application (WAF).

What it does is act as a shield in front of your website and analyze HTTP traffic and blocks unnecessary injections.

Modern WAF works on a cloud system, it filters out malicious attempts, bots, hacking attempts. Though they are not one-stop security solutions but should be used in conjunction with other security measures.

Social media protection 

Often overlooked, social media should be protected too. In this era, everyone looks up to social media to stay connected with your clients.

Social media are prone to get hijacked. Protect it the same way you protect your website and email. There is also Two-factor Authentication present for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Update your security services 

You are always the target online.

Believe it or not but hackers are always on the go and they keep trying new ways and tricks to break into your system.

That is exactly why security companies keep bringing new updates with better services.

It might look unnecessary and you think you can manage on your own but the professionals know what they are doing. Also, update your OS with the latest updates.

so stay updated with the services. Make sure it is configured, installed and is running properly.

Create a strong password  

It’s a no brainer, time and again you are told to create a long password but we skip that.

A lot of times you keep the same password for many accounts which makes you even more vulnerable to attack.  When you are in the online business it becomes even more evident that you can lose your password. Keep a long password with multiple characters so it would make it hard to break into your system.

Reduce outside access  

When dealing with something as essential as customer data, you need to be very careful. You want your customers to trust you and you need to make sure all their information is secure.

It would be a good idea to move the information to a private or restricted network with minimal access.

Break into your system 

After taking all the measures, securing password, data, etc it’s important to check its credibility.

It will not matter if you install malware detectors and antiviruses and hope for the best, you have to see how solid your security system is.

Hire ethical hackers and cyber security professionals into your business.

They can check your system for any form of vulnerability, malware, loose ends, viruses, and threats to your website.

IT system 

The IT systems can be hacked, anyone can access local area networks, Pc, systems

It can also seriously impact your brand. Limit your website login attempts. Hackers are organized and well versed in their craft.

Non-human invasion   

According to social media monitoring, more than half of the website traffic is  “non-human bots” eg. Scrapers, click fraud, fraud browsers, fraudulent traffic tracker. They mimic and a lot of time recreate user credentials. Include false infiltrating options on your websites to be safe from such intrusion.


Digital nomads have access to all kinds of sensitive data and valuable information. Hackers and cyber criminals are particularly interested in people in digital marketing.

It would be a great idea to use a VPN(Virtual Private Network) which creates an encrypted pathway from you and your target website. It removes your traces making you almost anonymous which makes it hard for hackers to intervene you. Also, keep your wifi private, never keep open wifi

You are constantly in battle with hackers and cyber criminals who are always looking for their next victim. Take small steps like consulting with a digital marketing company, not entering unknown websites, and being plain aware online to make your experience better.

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