7 Online Games You Can Play While Stuck at Home

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Games have always been the best thing to freshen and relax your mind in just a few seconds. The choice of games always differs in different situations, and even in this quarantine time, it’s very hard to decide what to choose. We all are drained of constantly using Social media and trying to find ways to connect the Humans all over the world. 

Quarantine and social distancing sometimes seems like an abhorrent deed. It feels like we are stuck in some inexorable situation. The daily routine has been changed, the time of lunch has become the time of breakfast, insomnia is some major changes we are facing at the moment. If you are facing the same problem so fortunately, we have some awesome games which you can download and play anytime even late at night.

In this pandemic situation of COVID-19, there is only one recommendation coming around all the world, “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe”. They all are advising us not to put yourself out until it’s an emergency or very very important.

We all are passing our time by just playing the game. So let’s check out the amazing games available online to play/download with your friends and family. 


1. PUBG: Player Unknown’s BattleGround


Who doesn’t know this game, it’s one of the trending and most loving games all around the world. This is an online Multiplayer Game. The range of players can vary from 1-100 players at a time. The main concept was based on a Japanese film Battle Royal. The game starts with a player falling into an island and they need to gather the weapons kept at different places and kill other players and the last survivor will have “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.


2. The Howitzer

online gamesThis is a hyper-casual Slingshot game, available on Android/IOS and Windows stores. The game is known for its difficult stages and major involvement in physics. This is a non-multiplayer game so you can play it anytime and you don’t need to call your friends and make a team online. Best thing about this game is, it’s suitable for every age group.

By name, this game seems easier, but the stages developed here are tough ones and it’s not that easy to clear all its stages honestly, the Game Development team has worked hard and tried to add some new obstacles. And the best thing is the game does not require much internet and space in your mobile storage. You can play it without even having an internet connection and it’s free to download


3. Marvel Strike Force


One of the best role-playing games available for android and IOS platforms. In this game the Marvel Strike Force allows you to collect the Marvel characters you can choose as either villains or Heroes character. The game is a team-based game. The team consists of 5 Characters The battle in this game is divided into rounds, the player with the fastest speed will go first. The battle is simple, they need to save the team members providing them essentials and damaging the opponent team. 


4. Persona 5 Royal


As the game name includes “5” in it, so it’s pointing out to be the “5th addition” in the Persona Series, the part of Megami Tensai Franchise. The game was released for Playstation 3 and 4 in Japan in 2016 and it reached the world in the year 2017. The game was developed by P-studio. The game starts with the character name JOKER. This game will bring you to your old school days and the game has a normal day-night cycle based on the Social Simulation Game concept. 


5. Monopoly

One of the most famous games since childhood as we all know. There are so many versions of this game available to download for mobile and PC. This is mainly a board game, which leads to you dealing with the essentials of your life. In this player rolls the dice to move ahead. By moving you can sell-buy properties and can manage their stay by paying rent to their other team player. The option to pass in the gameplay makes an additional perk in the game. The only game which brings the whole family together in a single room. 


6. Space Runner

online gamesGet ready to go to space.Yes, I am serious!This game is an infinite runner game like Subway Surfer. The game starts with a track of three different colors red, blue, and green.Players need to change the track according to the color of the ball. Like, if the color of a ball is red then you need to change your track to red and so on. You can play the game and score high as much as you can. The game is compatible with Android and IOS platforms, free to download and much fun to play with.


7. Monster Legends

If you are a battle lover, this game is just for you. You can fulfill your battle fantasies with this game. Here in this game,you have a team of monsters, you can feed them, you can live with them, you can train them and turn them into a beast. Each monster you pick should have a different skill. You can win wars with your legendary monsters, the coin you collect after winning the game, then you can use them to buy new monsters from the game shop. The game turns out to be the best multiplayer strategy game in that era. The game is compatible with android and IOS Platform. 

So, above are some of the games you can play while stuck at home and we are sure you won’t regret playing them. Being sheltered is not everyone’s choice at least when you have a fear of going out, it is very dispiriting. But thanks to our game developers and all who are providing the best of their work at this hard time. 

There are few things you can go for like becoming a celebrity on social media, make family time a priority, make funny videos.You can learn something new, read novels online, these all will give you the joy and help you to pass your time, but one of the best ways to deal with such Pandemic situations of COVID-19 and Hantavirus, is break the heads of demons..

This won’t just relax your mind and give you the joy but that will also help you in making your career, yes you can join an online classes for Game Development, there are many companies available who are providing game design and development internship programs in this lockdown period. Try to search them and join the course and take the best out of this quarantine time. 

Try out playing these games and make your time worth, don’t waste it in just sleeping and getting bored, do something meaning and mark your contribution in the fighting with such critical situation, and support your nation

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