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Know a bit about Carina SoftLabs Inc.
Here we do share a bit of our story. Hope you will like it.

About This Company

Carina Softlabs Inc, formerly known as Carina technologies & Services, was established on 24th September 2011. Initially started as a Web Development company, we spread our divisions to include Mobile Apps Development, Game Development and Digitial Marketing. We have served over 250 clients in past 8 years and some of them are like family to us. We do have our associates in USA, UK and Australia.

Face Behind The Company


Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder


Chief Financial Officer/Co-Founder


Chief Marketing Officer

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Our Commitment

We are an ethics based company, located in central part of India. We do commit following to all our valuable customers.

  • We commit TIME.
  • We commit QUALITY.
  • We commit PRESERVANCE.
  • We commit TRANSPARENCY.
  • We commit AFTER
  • We commit BRANDING.
  • Above all, We commit EXPERIENCE.