Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Key differences

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality along with Artificial Intelligence is the which possess a special place in the world’s most difficult technology stack.

Development in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality requires someone to have their expertise and proper dedication in that particular field.

The person who is experience with unity or Unreal can easily start their career in this. Both the Technologies are similar but they are not the same. This article is to see the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. So let’s check it out. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Before we move forward to know the difference between AR & VR. We first need to be acknowledged about what Augmented and Virtual Reality is. Before Virtual Reality gets some knowledge about Augmented Reality.

AR is something that is meant to amplify the present status of our Real-world environment. In simple words, we can say that this is something that we can add to our surrounding area.

There is some sort of protocols defined in Augmented Reality, which allows an element to make their presence digitally in our real world.

Authentic Reality and A Reality defines by a certain set of rules merger defines an Augmented Reality perfectly, mainly used in Gaming Applications.

The Game Pokemon Go was made by using concepts of Augmented Reality. It gives occupation to the elements by using Cameras and Smartphones. 

On the other hand, Virtual Reality is which takes you to the other world without the occurrence of any physical disturbance. This technology uses a proper device like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Daydream.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Helps user to get a short break from their frustration and get a chance to be in their own imagined world like being in the world of Dragons and be a friends with them or fight with them for the survival or Being in a cackle world or polar beers and save them, take care of them, and many more.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality also has multiple rules to follow. The thing which differentiates them from each other is the approach of presence. 

Key differences
  • Usage of compatible VR devices is a must to lost in another world, but in AR your Smartphone or Camera is enough to deal with Augmented Reality.
  • HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Daydream are mainly used for the VR development, and ARkit, ARCore, Vuforia are the mainly used SDKs for AR development.
  • VR has the ability to transfer the person from one place to another place, unlike the AR which premises the user to be in their present world.
  • In VR you can be with the shark underwater but in AR you can see the shark jumping out from the Sea and showing his activities to you.
  • AR uses the method of superimposition.
  • The Game Genres in VR apps are 360 Video, Action, Adventures, Educational, Exploring, etc.   
  • Application types made by using AR is Positional Tracking, inside out Tracking, Markless tracking. 
  • The sound Impact is the most important factor in Virtual Reality because it is the only thing that will give the user the best illusion of your Game or Application.
  • The mobile sensors used in the VR application should be very strong to detect user’s body movement but in AR there are no such needs.

These are the basic differences between the world’s future technologies.


We can see the major advancement in AR and VR Development. If you are a student or a growing IT industry, so this is strongly recommended that you must try dealing with AR and VR Technologies, Reason being in those technologies there are plenty of opportunities available for Career and Business Growth.

AR and VR have a vast area to say about, it is not possible to cover it in just a short article. If you have something else to say your views are heartily welcomed.

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