Six Career Opportunities Available in Game Development – 2020

Game development

Nowadays, choosing a career is one of the toughest decisions. Right from choosing the correct stream in SSC to choosing their stream for graduation it’s always a headache in the mind that what should we select and what field will have more career growth. Some students have their clear mindset and but some of them are in a dilemma and they are not so aware of the career growth for the industry. If you are one of them, so this article is just for you. In this article, I am explaining the career opportunities in the world’s most fast-growing technology which is “Game Development”

Game Development is one of the best and most renowned technology in the world. If you are a Gamer and playing a game is your hobby so you can turn it into a profession. Isn’t it great?  I mean you will get paid for what you love to do the most.

In a research it is proved that the usage of mobile application is on the boom and it has reached up to 183 billion downloads in a year and it is shown that 25% of the download is just by the Gaming applications which is around 25 times more than the other applications like Business, Education, Lifestyle and travel. So as it is growing day by day so does the career opportunities.

Job Role available in the Gaming Industry: In-Game development there is a Sea of opportunities and Career growth. In which you can try for profiles like

Story Writer

A movie without a story is like walking on a road without a destination. It needs to have a proper plan before the execution. So the story writer gives the developer and designer a proper direction to move forward. He is the one who decides the motto of Game creation. What makes a hero “A HERO” and in what circumstances a villain becomes a “Villain” is the thing which a Story Writer takes Good care of.

For this job, you need to have a peaceful place to think about the client’s requirements and just draw your thoughts on paper. By doing this, trust me you can get around a huge amount of money. 

Game Designer

Game Designer

If you are so good with creativity so you can apply for this position. This is the part of Game development which includes designing the scenes and defining the story flow, levels and setting up the environment. The game designer is the one who will decide how the character and Game scenes and the background will look like. This is the one who is responsible for creating the first impression on User and User engagement.

Audio Programmer

From the siren noise of the Police van to the pistols’ sound, while shooting an enemy a vroom sound of a car in a racing game, all these sound effects are provided by the audio programmer. The sound engineer gives life to the game world. They provide the real feel to the user while playing a game. This job profile requires Good knowledge of sound technology and Audio programming with sound effects.

Game Code

If you are good with programming logic and you are pumped-up with good problem-solving skills, then you should try for this. The game developer is the one who creates the overall gameplay. Like how the character will move and what will be the speed, how many trials the user will have, setting up the scoreboard, Health of the character. In short, he will look after overall Game mechanics. Setting up this type of work requires a bit of good knowledge of coding and programming logic.


You all might have heard about the Animation and visual effects. In movies we require someone to provide some more attractive look to the scene, the same thing we also require someone to enhance the look of the scene and character. This is the job to provide the effects like how the road will look when it’s raining and if the character is in sunlight so how and when it will create the shadow. The movement of the character like how it will walk and move his hands while fighting, running, his idle position is defined by the animator.

Game Tester

This profile is like a DREAM JOB for many gamers. In this profile, you just need to play the game and define the test cases for every stage. The Game tester assures that the developed game meets the requirement and every functionality of the game is working properly without any glitches and bugs. This job requires playing a game all over again until and unless it is fixed. This job also requires a deep knowledge of manual testing and testing with automated tools.

Apart from all these jobs, you can also be a Professional game player.

If sitting up with a cup of coffee and spending all your day just by playing a game is all you do, so don’t worry you can convert this into your profession too.

 This job only requires

  • You should be extremely talented.
  • You should have good experience in playing games.

This job role will give you hundreds of dollars just by participating in tournaments and personal sponsorships.

Some years back there was a time where the gaming Culture was in fashion outside of the country was but now from some time, it gets boosted up in India too. And this era of gaming love has brought up so many new career opportunities for students and Gamers. I strongly believe that it will be the most loving and fast-growing industry in the world and have better good career growth in the future too.

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So if you are still confused just try Gaming once, I am sure you are going to love it.

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