Digital Marketing Tricks for the Retail Sector

retail sector

Thanks to the digital marketing industry retail marketing has undergone an innovation in the past decades. Now ordering and buying online is no different than buying from an actual retailer. If you are a retailer or working in a retail sector and wondering how to use digital marketing for your sale and gaining customers, read on.

Here is a curated list of tricks that can help you up to your digital marketing game

Run smooth campaigns 

Google is the go-to place for internet users. And users have shifted to buying from google as well. From reviewing and looking up products, to finding store locations now the search engine has become the go-to place for online shopping. A lot of retailers have turned to google campaigns. What google campaigns do is allow users to directly shop through SERPs.


retail sector
Use a high-quality image the user can look up to

So many times retailers overlook the quality of the image of their product. You have to understand that users have only the image to access the product and that itself can be a deciding point for a lot of shopping. Visual gratification is a thing and we have an entire social media to prove that point. High-quality images show that you care about your product and it will be of good quality too. A good quality image, a white background, allowing zoom in these things can make a big difference.

Google also provides guidelines for images, like choosing image dimensions, optimizing, reducing size, etc which can really make your image stand out. Google suggests an image of around 100×100 pixels and for apparel and clothing around 250×250 pixels.


Include reviews 

Retail is a very competitive market. So you need to earn the confidence of your customers and make sure to acknowledge a good review and put it up on your website.

Reviews bring in purchases, when a customer is looking for a product and is skeptical about it the first thing they do is look through reviews, you will not believe how much customer reviews affect the purchasing cycle.


retail sector

 Give people a reason to visit your store

With online shopping comes to the convenience of getting everything delivered at home, without getting up from the couch. It had taken a toll on retailers who run a physical store though there are still people who prefer walking in a store and seeing and touching what they are buying. To get more traffic online, you need to provide that something extra that would make customers come to your site instead of visiting the store physically.  Use special discounts, connect with other merchants and provide coupons, tickets, etc.


Social media is your friend 

You might be having some sort of social media presence already but if you have not invested in social media marketing and advertising you are really missing out on a lot. Social media platforms increase the visibility of your products and business. 


retail marketing


Everybody is on social media these days and there are a lot of successful retailers who have an attractive social media presence and a good consumer base. By reaching out to your targeted audience and ensuring your presence you can easily attract potential buyers.


Look local 

Whether or not you have a physical retail store it is important to mark your presence locally. People reach out to brands that create a sense of community if your brand gives a home feeling that creates an emotional bond with the customer and people are more likely to buy and stay loyal to you. 

  • Use Geo targeting platforms like Google Ads, YouTube, twitter, Facebook to connect locally
  • Ad copy- use images with a local appeal, you can click pictures of your product around a known local place, park, etc which makes the content relevant and is sure to attract an audience.
  • Use the local language. Try using phrases that are popular around your place on your site, social media, etc.


Use Holiday 

There is a national day for every little thing from cakes to books and marshmallows, fake days and holidays are a thing and people enjoy celebrating them. A lot of companies keep a close eye on these and bring a special holiday sale and bring some product for a limited holiday product which is only available for a limited time period. 


retail sector


You can bring special and limited edition products, provide coupons, or announce a sale.

You can also announce a sale beforehand and then make it live on holiday so people will know where to shop. Make social media posts about it and connect to your customers.


Do not ignore mobile phones 

It’s easy to see people constantly checking out their phones, they could be texting, checking their social media, comparing products or buying something the possibilities are endless. But mobile trafficking has taken over desktop traffic and you as a retailer need to address that. You need to make your presence count on other mobile used applications like Smart wallet.


retail marketing


The retails sector is revolutionized by digital marketing and there are a million ways to reach out to customers. However, one thing remains constant and of the utmost importance that is customers. Customers are the backbone of any business, make sure you have a consumer-friendly environment and that would attract them and make them stay. This could be as easy a searching out to your customers, updating customer service department, providing multiple options for payments.


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