Drupal: A Right Choice for Beginners


Developing a good website is as important as its management. There are countless options available to choose the best one among them is very tough. Although Drupal has done something innovative and comes out as a perfect solution for the development and management of websites. Drupal is known as one of the best content management frameworks, but drupal has also many more benefits for the beginners. It is also capable of integrating AI into your website. Many companies are using AI for their websites and there are many uses of AI which can improve your web development.

In earlier days if the website was developed, then it always required a technical person to make even a few small changes in it. It was like once it’s done it’s done. But now with the Content management system, even non-technical people can also try their hands on website changes. How many people are confused about what a Content Management System is? So let’s take a look at the introduction of a content management system. 


CMS: Content Management System

Content Management System is often used to create, update, and modify the content over the website without even having any knowledge of technical languages. In different words, we can say that it allows us to lower down the burden of dependency on the developers to make some changes to the website and handle the tantrums of it. 




The Content Management System does not require coding from scratch. Adding the images and content on the website also allows you to build the best infrastructure for the website. It allows you to perform different activities like document management. 

Let’s take a tour of the benefits of using CMS.

  • It is user-friendly. 
  • The deployment of CMS Based websites is very quick and easy. 
  •  As it requires no hardcore knowledge of languages so the maintenance is easy and you can update your website as per your choice. 
  • With all those features, it is budget-friendly. 
  • There are several plugins available in the system so you can use this feature for extendable functionality
  • You also don’t need to hire an SEO Expert, CMS has the feature of developing an SEO-Friendly website. 

Different types of Content Management System


WordPress is one of the best and leading CMS. The blog details in this CMS is a bit simple and straightforward. It is mainly used to create simple websites and fewer interaction options. 




Joomla is also a good option for developing websites as this also has many features but if you are looking out for the website which requires often and many changes, it won’t be a good option to go with. 




Drupal is something which gained popularity so soon. It was launched in the year 2001 and nowadays almost all websites are built by the usage of drupal. It has many flexible features as compared to other CMS. It works for both CMF(Content Management Framework) and CMS (Content Management System). The framework is written in PHP Language. 


Why Drupal?

Flexibility is the best and one of the most loved benefits of using Drupal for developing websites. It provides a wide range of content and different types of blogs, videos, and polls with statistics. With these features, the users can create a content-rich website, By which users can create different websites for each domain like e-commerce and media. This also has the quality to design a complicated website with classy designs. 



While developing website security is the point every user is concerned about. There are many awards and news which validate its security part. Drupal has a team of around 40 security experts who are continuously working on how to make your website and content secure.




They constantly keep checking on the vulnerabilities and validations of the Core platforms of Drupal. They are also responsible to provide the solution to those issues. So this is how the drupal security team works. It’s CMS is also very secure and also provides patches and safety measures form hackers and making it is the most loveable choice for the enterprise sector. 



This is also the most loving feature of drupal that it allows us to make several changes without any changes in different web pages. Many users can just drop the idea of making further changes on the website because they might need to make all the changes in other pages as well which will cause more problems. But with Drupal, it’s very simple to add changes and extend further pages on your websites.


Easy Understanding

Another tremendous feature of drupal is easy to understand. It’s so easy to develop a website on Drupal even beginners or non-technical people can do that. If you are also one of them who are looking out to start their career in web development but that tough coding scares you, then Drupal is the right platform for you. In this, the plugins and other management things are very easy to use. 


Custom Pages

Though it has some inbuilt pages and it also allows the user to just need to update the content on the websites but it also allows you to design your custom pages. It has around 15000+ plugins and modules that you can use to add additional features like CRM and SEO. 


Final Verdict

In the world of technology, it’s always important to be upgraded with it. Nowadays many companies are choosing Drupal as a first choice. And from a career perspective, many Web Development industries are hiring for drupal developers. So if you are a coder and looking to start your career in web development and looking for a perfect guide so you all must try to learn drupal. Also Drupal is the best as CMS, so if you are looking out to develop a website for your business must give drupal a chance and we assure you won’t regret your decision. 

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