Top 10 Free Game Development Tools

This is a set of 10 free (as in money, not freedom, although many are open source as well) tools, that each one game developers should download. Specially if money is tight! This list is applications only, so doesn’t include game engines, frameworks, or libraries. Beyond the top 10 game development tools, there are a few honorable mentions that just missed the list.

Let me know in the comments below if you have an additional suggestion or disagree with our choices!


Blender is the best and free open-source 3D creation suite. It supports everything of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking. Even video editing and game Development. Blender is compatible with individuals and little game studios who enjoy its unified pipeline and responsive development process.

As a community-driven project under the General Public License(GPL), the public is empowered to make small and large changes to the code base. Which leads to new features, responsive bug fixes, and better usability. Blender has no tag, but you’ll invest, participate, and help to advance a strong collaborative tool: Blender is your 3D software.

More help is always welcome! From developing and improving Blender to writing documentation, etc, there are a variety of various belongings you can do to urge involved

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code we all need at least one text editor period even if you are not a programmer you are going to edit the text in some form be it config files XML JSON styles. If you are a programmer you’re gonna live in your code editor and there are a ton of options here.

Visual Studio Code itself is built on top of an open-source visual editor from Github. There’s also sublime text which is semi-free there is oh god they’re not even coming but there are probably 50 different editors.

Visual Studio code this program is one of the best they have created in the last decade. It’s a lightweight text editor that is extensible that has been extended to support every single kind of programming you ever wanted if there is a programming language out there.

I guarantee you if more than a few thousand people use that language there aren’t Statutes for Visual Studio code there are extensions for doing things like; hosting your web server for testing inside a Visual Studio code full source code integration or version control integration.

Also, Visual Studio Code is just one of those lightweight Zen programs that are super extensible and even while it’s being extended it isn’t getting bloated and crappy working in a visual studio code is a sublime experience.

Visual Studio Code is just an exceptional program and this has become my go-to of choice for code and text editing and if you haven’t tried no? do so it’s on every single platform it is completely open-source explosive.


Audacity is free software that is not just free of cost. It is free as in freedom. Free software gives you the liberty to use a program, study how it works, improve it, and share it with others. For more information, visit the Free Software Foundation.

Programs like Audacity also are called Open Source Software, because their ASCII text file is out there for anyone to review or use.

There are thousands of other free and open-source programs. Including the Firefox web browser, the Libre Office, and entire Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu.


Inkscape is a vector graphics painting package it’s kind of the only option you’ve got out there for completely free other than grab it. We think is another free option and we think each game is just the most mature of those particular options.

Now we use a commercial package here so it’s not one of those that convinced us to use it. We don’t like some of the usability but there are people out there they can do some just outright amazing things with Inkscape now. The nice thing is with vector graphics is their pretty much resolution-independent. So once you’ve drawn it at wonder one resolution or you know one time you can then do it.

Use those graphics on a multitude of different devices so there’s a lot of Appeal to the vector graphics look and Inkscape is free and open source.


GIT is a kind of an ecosystem as opposed to just a single program but git has changed the way it is open source and it is away of backing up your code and collaborating with other people. So that your changes don’t all smash all over each other if you are not using some kind of a version control system even if you work by yourself.

You are making a mistake and get is the number one out there number one in terms of popularity. Probably not number one in terms of technology other options such as SVM’s the N and perforce but yet again is the market leader. And there’s Github which is an implementation of the git standard and probably the most popular online code repository.

Dragon Bones

Dragon Bones is a skeletal animation system it’s free and partially open source available for Windows and Mac. Pretty much you can take your 2d images cut them up into pieces so for example; We could have an arm that’s a forearm, a shoulder, and so on and then you use bones too. We are not saying it is the best of the bone based animations but it is the best of the free bone-based animation programs.


Krita is a 2d painting application they’ve had the new features. They’ve added the adding of animation support this made this the best painting package out there that’s free. And in some ways, it’s starting to compete with just being a great package on its own it’s not just the fact that it’s free anymore.

Krita it’s just a great paint package. So if you’re looking for that painterly look like so freehand drawing or painting look, but on a computer obviously Krita is a great place to go. And again it is free and open source which can be helpful when it comes to game development tools.

They have come a huge way with the most recent releases so Krita is one of most projects. That is just improving at a staggering rate and if you are looking for a digital painting application so if you want to create you know a hand-drawn or painted look for your game. Krita is the program you want to check out.


Tiled is an open-source map editor if you’re creating a 2-d game tiled is the best open-source option. There’s one called “MapII” a few others what tiled is by far and away in the winter in that regard. It is also an open-source project and it is also improving quite a bit with each new release. Now you can do a bunch of different kinds of maps using tiled you can do orthogonal maps and you do hexagonal maps isometric Maps you can have multiple maps that kind of are stitched together you can do the automapping.

Auto tiling it is a cool comprehensive program that also has the open-source. And the coolest thing with tiled is there are runtimes for just about every game engine ever made unreal engine unity Godot SML. Pick a framework or game engine and chances are there is a runtime for tiled for importing and using the maps that tiled creates. This can be one of the best amount all game development tools.

Now gradually, more and more game engines are building childlike functionality into them. Such as unity and you don’t get but even then you still often find that tiled is the still better. So if you’re looking to create 2d Maps tiled is the program for you for a better game development experience. now this one’s gonna be controversial from number one it is windows only. and it’s just a paint program. It’s kind of like paint shop pro evolved it’s a great for image manipulation and that kind of thing. We just choose it because number one primarily on Windows and it has been our go-to image editing application for never and it just works.

It’s a great program and it’s simple it’s easy to learn. It’s basically like they took paint and Microsoft Paint and just made it 30 times more functional. But still kept it easy and on top of that there is a full plugin system that can make do a whole lot more people been developing plug-ins for this thing for over a decade now.

We know that the Linux users and the Mac users among and we think you can run through wine and on other platforms through a layer of emulation but the open-source alternative is definitely.


MagicaVoxel is a free voxel painting application if oxalá is like a 3d pixel or a volumetric pixel it is kind of like cubes in space if you’ve played Minecraft.

You know what a voxel is it goes back way further than that there was a game there was a company called “nova logic” that work heavily involves a competing technology to plug in all ways of creating words. This tool can optimize your game characters and make them more attractive. Talking about game development tools, MagicaVoxel plays a vital role.

Polygons one and voxels kind of went by the wayside but they’re coming back in popularity. And the coolest thing about blocks isn’t working with voxels is they’re very intuitive and they’re fairly straightforward to work with from a programmer side of things too.

Voxels are definitely on the rise and MagicaVoxel just does some staggeringly good work. It’s a modeling program and a renderer together there’s a lot of functionality packed in there and if you haven’t checked it out.

We would highly recommend you do so because it is free and that’s why it’s on this list now you’ll notice above it is available for Windows and Mac.

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