Future of IT Industries after Quarantine


“Quarantine is the only way to fight against the COVID-19, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.”

 We hear this statement around 1000 times a day, and that’s what we need to do right now. As the COVID -19 cases are emerging day by day and the only weapon and vaccine we left with is “Self Quarantine”. The COVID-19 has spread his hands all over the world and every single sector is affected by this virus. Including Government, public, and private sector companies, and if it’s just the beginning then what would be the end? What adverse effect this situation is going to have on the whole IT Sector. 

If you have the same questions in mind, you are at the right place, then. In this blog, you will get the details about the effects COVID-19 has already shown and about the Future of Web/Software Development Companies.  

“I wish there was an easy solution to these issues but there isn’t. My task is to do the best you can. I also recommend that you not fall into the temptation of having every waking hour be a work from home hour just because it can be.”

“Sam King – CEO of Veracode”

 Though the IT Sector has shown a very positive gesture towards the fight against and by allowing working from home, on the other hand, the Government has also introduced new schemes to the daily wage workers. But do you think that’s enough to deal with and stabilize the Economy? There are still so many places where people are starving and looking out for work and our fighters are still trying and winning the battle by working 24/7.  

Corona’s outbreak is now a serious challenge to the Global Economy and now it has become a problem to the IT industry as well. Many of the companies couldn’t handle the pressure and they need to stop working due to Corona. Many of the employees gave up and they lost their job but are still contributing to the fight.

Let me take you deep and show you more of the repercussions


The Physical and Mental Health 

The other effect of this on the public mental and physical health. And the biggest irony is we are staying home to be safe and still we are not safe. But that’s true. Reason being the before lock down many of us used to go on morning walks, Many of us were having daily Gym sessions to stay fit and healthy they used to have a properly balanced diet but nowadays due to lack of resources we all are facing the shortage of food getting a properly balanced diet seems to be a bit difficult.




Our daily routine got disturbed due to this and has made people lazier and even their body was not able to adapt to the sudden changes which causes many physical and mental disbalance.

But thanks to our technology, video calling applications bring new hope to fitness lovers and by that, they are able to stay connected with their trainers and get proper training.    


Increased the Unemployment Rate 

One of the biggest and unfavorable results of Corona Virus is the JOB CUT. The big multinational companies workers may not be facing this situation because the companies have enough money to pay them and they also don’t want to lose them, Even if they have to make the decision they will cut the employees who are not permanent and intern types, but they will never lose their permanent employees, but some small scale industries had to take this decision and lower down the workers and they had to lose their important members from their 2nd family. 




NASSCOM former president R Chandrashekhar said- “the work-from-home systems being adopted by several firms across the globe, including India, may have a negative impact on the industry in the short-term, but in the long run it would change the work culture which hitherto was not experienced by many of the IT firms in India.”

 This has been the most challenging time for the IT Industry. The challenge we have faced is in the year of 2008 and now the challenge has become more vast and explosive. The conditions in 2008 don’t have any comparison to what we are facing right now, this is very because we are left with no options. The dedication of the IT industry is somewhere a relief but it won’t last so long, as some of the days they need to start working by their offices. 


The Change is on its way


“…Global rules for migration will change, movement of people will change, there are many things that are going to change at this time,” Mahalingam forecast.

The spread of this virus has brought the biggest challenges till now but the other challenge or we can say the biggest change is on its way. Yes, you heard it right!!. As you have seen many people lost their jobs in this and many companies have shut down their work, the unemployment rate goes straight to the sky. So the things which we need to wonder about are what will happen when everything gets back to normal? When can we start our daily life again and the working will be resumed by offices? Well, the answer to all these questions is right here. Like the way we are working right now is now going to affect the future of the IT Industry.  

Let’s take a look at the future of IT Industry after Quarantine


The future of IT Industry


An Exposure to new startups

Though so many companies have locked down their work due to world-wide lockdown. But it will also give exposure to new startups. Those who always have a dream to start their own business and add their name in Web/ Software Development companies and be their own boss so this would be the right time to start the work. The reason behind making the statement is as the work in the IT industry has become slower than usual and the competitions also seem to be a bit off!! So that would be the right time to show them what you have got.




You can start your own business and as many as need a new job so you all might get the right candidate for the right job without making an extra effort. 


A Boost to efficiency 

While locked down plenty of deserving and talented employees are sitting at home and they are just waiting for a single chance of work and showing their capabilities. So it would be a golden chance for them to show their actual skills, and their willingness to do the job will make them more efficient. The same thing goes with the employees as well, not everyone likes working from home and they all might miss working from office space so when they will get a chance to work from a long break so it will energize them to work even with more efficiency.


A new life to creativity

The intensity of creativity is directly proportional to the time you are spending on it.

This work from home has turned out to be a big-time savior, we don’t need time to travel, we don’t need time to get ready, the noisy sounds and vehicles are just drained off. All we are having is a peaceful environment and more time than usual. So people will have more time to think and show their creativity, the same goes for our work if we are having more time to think in a peaceful place so it definitely gonna affect creativity.Creativity would be very helpful in the field of Web Designs and Mobile UI designs.   


Corona Virus


Sea of new job opportunity

As explained above there will be a time to open your new exposures, so it will also bring more job opportunities to the freshers. Many Web Design/ Development Companies will hire designers and developers for their Web design and development services, many Mobile App Development companies will require fresh programmers to develop their applications. And one more relief to those who have already got the job offer letter from MNC’s so their job is secured, there might be a delay in joining but not everyone will lose the fresh talent. 

All you need to have good talent and skills to crack the job interviews and the job is all yours. 

So this is all about the future of the IT industry and hoping for the best outcome of all these assumptions. 


The closure

In every seed of good, there is a price of bad

So does the battle against COVID-19. The time when we win, we need to face the challenges coming unreleased. The pandemic situation is getting worse day by day and we need to take this thing very seriously and follow the government rules if we want to save the future of the IT industry. And being a technology lover all this blog suggests to stay home and use the technology in a proper and meaningful way,follow the self quarantine and support the nation. 



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