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Game Design Career

Hopefully everyone of you must have heard about some of the big game titles like PUBG or Angry Birds or Candy Crush for sure.

Have you ever wondered how these game studios are able to create such wonderful games  which people like and play to an extent that in some countries it has been treated as an emergency. 

The answer to that is Game Engines. In the course of evolution of game engines the rendering and development time frame for a game is considerably decreased which allows developers to create such awesome games in a very low time frame.

In a decade, things have changed with new game engines and the time has reduced from 10 months to 3 months for any game. It’s a significant fact, Isn’t it? 

As per the recent market research by Kawoo, it has been mentioned that Gaming industry is the second largest industry in the world with an overall turnover of $18 Billion in 2019.

It is expected to grow to $24 Billion by 2021. It makes it the most secure industry to build your career into. 

In this post, we have tried to highlight 5 benefits of choosing your career as a Game Developer. 


Creating a game is like designing a whole new world. It’s like putting life in elements and design a universe yourself.

You have option to set rules or break them, you have got options to make it like heaven or hell. So if you have a lot of ideas in your mind, it is the career you must pursue.

Carina Softlabs Inc.

If you feel like if you were God and you would have created the world it would be perfect, then it is the right career choice for you. 


Game design/development basically works on basic laws of physics. So, you need to be really precise when you want to develop a game which is based on basic physics properties.

So it gives you ample chance to develop your skills as a programmer and as defining the properties within the game. 

Game development generally works on C# and Python, and these two programming languages are in the market from past 15+ years and are significantly used to web, desktop and game development.

So developing your skills in these languages gives you the opportunity that you can fit under any role. 

Financial security

As it is one of the emerging industries in the world, with the highest sales, so it shows that the paid packages in this industry will be high too.

Based on the recent figures, the average salary of the low experienced developer ranges between $800 – $1000 per month which scales for experienced developers upto $12000 per month.

Isn’t it huge? Along with that the Game Studios which are working in Game development are really stable and generating huge revenues. You must have heard of the big players like Activision, EA Games, Ubisoft, Tencent and many more.

They have huge team and multiple offices to ensure they cover every single idea and talent which can later be used to generate profit. Employee retention in such firms is around 67%, which makes it the most stable industry to work in. Carina Softlabs Inc.

Career Stability

If you have got creativity and you have got some skills in giving shape to the idea, then you will never need to search for a new job.

Whenever there is a recession in the market, downloads and purchase of entertainment stuff like Games has hiked by 15%.

So, the funny fact here is, when everything is going down, this industry will still be moving towards top, so there is nothing you should be worried about.

There are some new game studios launched with a new vision to create a more functional and presentable games like Techy Mau Game Studios, Kwaee Studios and more.

They do work on their own games and also provide services to other game developers in publishing and making their game success, so if you have some games ready you can reach them out. 

Other options

It’s not necessary that you need to be a developer to contribute in this industry. There are several other options you can pursue to be a part of some great game development company.

First of all, you can learn to design 3D models, rig and animate them, as mostly new games are 3D and require such stuff.

Also at the very same time, you can learn to define the world in which the game has to be played, so if you are creative you can actually make a beautiful world. 

2D games/Casual Games are also in the market for long so if you know how to make things look pretty you can contribute as a 2D designer, and all you need to know is Photoshop. 

Lastly, you can also go for VFX artist. These are the people who bring in the real charm. Every scene you see or every animated video you see has VFX added into it and it makes things look more presentable. 

We don’t recommend that you change your existing career path based on the information given in this article, but we suggest that if you are planning your next career move, we think that this article is going to give you a basic guideline.

Everyone in every age group, likes to play games. Some like Casual Games, while some like to jump directly in action in FPS games.

Some like to play strategy games and so on. We hope that you research on this matter before making a decision, but all the statistics mentioned in this article are correct. 

We hope you like the information shared above. If you have any comments or queries feel free to post it. 

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