Game Design Internship ~ Virtual Guide for your Quarantine

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Who else doesn’t know the word “Quarantine”. This Pandemic situation has introduced this very well. COVID-19 has made us shelter ourselves and lessen the open contact with people. While everyone is fighting with Corona the students are worried about their career and future endeavors. Since the lockdown is extended day by day and the cases for COVID-19 are emerging to the next level it has put everyone in a panic situation whether its students or professionals. 

To solve this dilemma first we need to figure out the latest trends which are capturing love all around from the world. So as per the recent research, the only thing is which people are enjoying is “Gaming”.There are many career opportunities available in this field like Game Developer, Game Designer, Sound Engineer, Graphics Expert,  etc. If you are one of the students who are worried about their career or one of those professionals who are looking out to find new job opportunities in the same, so you have landed at the right place. In this blog, you will get guidance  about the Game Design Internship. 


game design

First, let’s have a look at what Game Design is all about –

Game design is the act of deciding what a game should be.

–  Jesse Schell

Game design is something that gives life to the game. It’s all about adding your creativity and passion to your game to make it look realistic. Game Design and Game Development are like the heart and the brain of the human body. None of them will have their identity without each other. Game Mechanics is as important as Game designing.

In technical terms,  it is an art of bringing entertainment to the game by applying various techniques by various tools and applications. It’s a mode of entertainment in the game. How a character will look and who it will run, walk, dance, talk, these all are done by the Game designer. There are many different fields available for making your career into Game Studies, Designing and Animation has turned out to be the best one out of it. 


game design

Importance of Game Design in the Gaming Industry

It’s a truism in the game industry that a well-designed game should be playable immediately, with no instruction whatsoever.

― Jane McGonigal

By the quote mentioned above, you all might have got some idea of how important it is to have a perfectly designed game. We can see the ancient history of our video games and we can see the growth of Game design. In our ancient time, the storage was the part everyone was most concerned about, so the developer used to create the game with the least code, the graphics and animation were simple, but thanks to new hardware advancement which leads our designers to put their heart into their designs. And nowadays the game is not only about game mechanics or adding code into it but the designing and graphic interaction have also become advanced and complex. 

So this has shown the importance of Game Design in the game now we will take a look at how this is going to help you in the of “Quarantine” 

Game Design Internship
In Entertainment –  

In quarantine time you all must be rejuvenating your childhood hobbies like cooking, gardening, drawing, etc. So it’s time to take it to the next level. Just try out finding videos or some online classes related to your hobby and take a daily lesson from them. Trust me it is going to help you a lot in this. Many of them must have the passion of drawing and making sketches so try out finding videos of Game Designing and try to make out at home it will help you to improve your skills and will give you a new way to move ahead.And if you are just looking out for the entertainment purpose so it will help you in that too. 


game design internship

In Career Selection – 

Gaming Industries has captured around 94% of the market within a few years.  

Yes, that’s true!! The gaming industry has gone popular very soon and the number of new Gaming Companies opening these years is more than Software Development companies, and  If you try this field, there will be less chances of Job shortage as compared to others. So if we see on the career side so many students who have just cleared their High School and they are looking forward to choosing a particular field for it so you all can try this once it is the best opportunity anyone can have if you have interest in it you must try it. 


In Financial Sector –

On a financial basis, as per the research, the average salary of a Game Designer ranges between $10 per hour to $200 per hour. So it’s a huge amount. If you are master in understanding and making what the client wants then you can get even more than this.  

These are the reasons which are going to help you in the financial, career and entertainment sectors. So don’t waste time trying to look for some opportunity to have a Game Design internship. Many of Gaming companies provide internships online and many job vacancies are coming around so all you need to do is have a good resume, Apply to companies and just make yourself prepared for the interview and get it done.

 Gamers can feel when developers are passionate about their games. They can smell it like a dog smells fear. Don’t be afraid to hold onto your unique vision: just be aware that it may not turn out exactly how you envisioned.

― Scott Rogers

Many gamers often get ignored and bullied just because they love playing games rather than going out. Their parents and family members are worried about their careers. So this high time, we should start taking things positively about gaming and gamers. They can have their career into it and they can also earn a huge amount by it. 

We all are together in this so just try to think about your nation and your health just stay home and utilize your Quarantine Days, because these days are not gonna come back. Once the time is gone it’s gone. And we all know that Covid-19 cases are rising and all the countries are trying to get rid of it by “Social Distancing” and some of the countries have succeeded in this, but no one knows the exact result of it like lockdown may get extended or maybe it will end soon. So the suggestion is just to utilize the time and learn something new. 

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