How AI can help in Improving Web Development?

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This is the time to give life to your imaginations and be in that world with all the stuff you want. In earlier days it was a dream of everyone Children has a fantasy to be with robots, play with them, to have a Robot or toy who can do their Homework and all but the leverage in the technology has brought that dream into reality. Here in this article, you will learn how you can merge up Artificial Intelligence and Web Development together.

AI has made the technology easier task to do, and that time is not so far when every task which can be done by the human body, will be done by ROBOTS/MACHINES. The best example of it is the Chatbots, which are being used as Customer Support.

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As the advancement in technology has no limits so does we can see the advancement in Artificial Intelligence I. But there is a question can usage of Artificial Intelligence lesser the involvement of Web-Developer. And the answer is “YES”. The latest algorithm involved in AI made that possible.

There are several designing and developing tools for Web Development which are making the task less complicated and easy to reuse. So there is a big risk that some automated tools can replace our developer.

Here are some facts Why we should use AI in web development

Several website developers and which require more practice and knowledge of coding languages, the basic steps right now we are following is drawing the images on papers and then transferring it to HTML and CSS. But there are some features available in Artificial Intelligence by which you can just upload that to the AI Routine and the prototype of the website will be automatically generated. This is less time consuming and the best methods to keep your client happy.

Alike this there are several methods and reasons to include AI in your Web-Development department to enhance productivity and efficiency.

AI Improves Search Results

“Improving search results will improve the user base.”

The user nowadays is more likely to search for a product on Amazon instead of search it manually, because they believe that it will provide the best and suitable results. Because of this Many E-commerce websites, the owner is looking out for the involvement of AI to get their customers and visitors what they want. The latest advancement like Voice search, Live chat functionality makes us believe in Online shopping.

Coding becomes easy

While it comes to development around 80% of candidate doesn’t want to be a coder even the developer got frustrated because of some minute errors. AI made this easy by implementing new algorithms who can perform functionality like Addition, Subtraction, Updates in Database. Along with that, it can also solve a problem that arises at the run-time. They have the Self- Modifying capabilities. AI can provide the codes of some tasks developed from scratch.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

When it comes to Web Development the first thing hits our mind is SEO Part. The SEO part needs some experts to work with and it requires the access of some tools which are mainly used for maintaining the Database and analysis of websites, but with AI we can have a lot of data and other related data. You can also have the free analysis of the website and it also mentions the point of concerns on the websites, on which the user needs to work. It also helps in targeting the right audiences.

Automated tools for Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering and analysis is the boring task and the toughest task to do.This part is using AI-Powered chatbots. There are several data extraction tools available by which you can get the requirements and it will help the developer to prepare the strategy and make a better plan for that.

Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Isn’t it a dream come true situation as someone provides you the proper timing, products, and audience to target for product selling. If you are one of those dreamers, then this is just the right time to work with artificial intelligence. So many companies are using this for the betterment of their marketing department and this really helped them a lot. This requires the knowledge of Machine learning and the details about the objects, properties, and categories.

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Helps in User Experience

This part would be very helpful to E-commerce website owner and that will help them to provide the exact same experience of the shopping in the store while shopping online. With the help of this the user can select the product, can see the 350 views. This requires expertise in AI and AR.

So there are the points for using the AI in your Web-Development and Enhance the user base and traffic on your website. Using AI, you all can really earn a huge amount of money and they will be able to set a benchmark to others.

“Exceptions are always there”

Enlargement in the technology stack and day by day enhancement in it made this world a very interesting and short place to live. AI helps in so many manners but every good thing comes with some bad exceptions, so does AI became the reason for people to leave their jobs. But yes it is opening the other gates also.

In the future, the person with good skillset and well trained in AI will have more opportunities and scope of work. In the coming days, the AI will definitely replace the Human. What are your thoughts please share.

Awaiting your thoughts.

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