How Technology can Help your Home Stay During Quarantine?


The pandemic outbreak of the deadly Corona virus is something that we never could think of. In context to the occurrence, social distancing & quarantine are terms that the whole world is familiar with. In fact if we do not indulge in being strict with staying indoors as suggested by all medical experts, we might never be able to stop the spread. But the fact that human beings are social animals can never be denied.

Social isolation for a longer period of time can lead to depression & anxiety in some people.

For others who are blessed with proper psychological health might also get affected. The best ways of combating the situation is using world-class mobile app development technology so that we all can keep ourselves engaged & fight COVID-19 effectively.

Essential Handy Tech Tools 
Video conferencing

If you are on self quarantine from Corona virus especially after you have returned from abroad, you can benefit from today’s mobile app development technology. How? For instance, employers can hold video meetings with sound video conferencing software on their Smartphone that integrates recording, live chat, screen sharing abilities & a lot more.


In fact software like Zoom & Google Hangouts always adds a superfluous layer of understanding & communication to all meetings.

Cloud storage

Irrespective of the fact that Corona is destructive, it offers benefits to people as well. For instance, you get ample time to rest that again increases your productivity. Remote work has its share of benefits but are you thinking how to get access to the internal servers of your company? If so, don’t worry as there are many Corona symptoms technologies you can put to use.


corona virus


Google Drive & Dropbox are handy cloud storage apps. As you move all the files to cloud, you will be getting hands on uninterrupted access to vital spreadsheets, videos, documents, presentations, etc. Also this accounts for easy collaboration concurrently that will prevent you from sending edited document versions back & forth.

Instant messaging

When the question is “how to cure Corona Virus naturally”, the only answer is isolation or getting quarantined. This has led to most companies facilitating remote working for their entire workforce. But then again you might wonder how effective communication can be when working remotely.

Flawless communication with software such as Microsoft Teams & Slack is possible between the companies, individual squad members and departments. There are numerous chat channels available that make discussing work a breeze over your Smartphone. During the period of quarantine, such software proves to be the primary communication method.

Project management 

As Corona virus spreads like a bonfire currently, you might think of doing something for other people. Since you cannot be there in person every time due to the lock down, you can definitely utilize advanced technologies of the current era for being of service. For instance, you can engage in a sound Corona Virus app development process as you hire Android app developers & hire iOS app developers.

But there is a challenge here as well. Working from home can get the entire team to get off track & if the regular workflow is not maintained, it might be hard for you to complete the healthcare mobile app development process completion as fast as possible. This is the time when you need to utilize first-rate project management tools. Few tools that you can opt for are Asana,, Trello, Airtable, etc. Here you can easily allocate tasks, receive status updates, witness the progress of projects at once glance, etc.

Time tracker

Undergoing self quarantine from Corona Virus is challenging for most as a lock down is something that all of us are not very familiar with.

QuarantineBut we also know the fact that the show must go on. Most corporate agencies, startups, small businesses are right now operating from home. But remote working can make people lethargic, anxious, and less productive, etc.

Time tracking applications such as Focus Booster and Toggl can help the teams balance their time & track the progress.

In fact the apps can alert them for taking breaks from time to time as well. When these applications manage your time, you and the teams can focus on being more productive while operating from a comfortable environment.

How important Corona virus applications are?

The process of healthcare mobile app development by numerous reputed mobile app development companies is on the rise. More & more people need to be educated about the Corona virus, how it spreads, how one can prevent it, etc. The features app healthcare provider is integrating in applications are:

News & updates 

Integration of technologies such as ML & AI in Corona-virus monitoring app can help spot warnings about outbreaks.



The apps enable concurrent tracking of the affected areas as well through map integration


Most of the apps will include Corona virus symptoms such as sore throat, headache, runny nose, fever, cough, breath shortness, etc. These symptoms are detected by the NHS, CDC, WHO. Hence if you witness any of these symptoms getting a screening is compulsory.


Washing hands for full 20 seconds with a sterile hand wash, maintaining distance from people who might be affected, disinfecting products with antibacterial liquids are some precautions that will be available in all the applications.

Final Say

Let’s get it straight. Staying quarantined is challenging. But you can certainly spend the quarantine period like a pro with the listed mobile app development technologies.

The 21st era is also witnessing the rising emergence of healthcare mobile app development that can help millions of people learn the symptoms of Corona virus, track people who might have contracted the diseases, discover local helpline numbers for instant help, stay safe & a lot more.

So do you also want to help many other individuals stay safe all over the country? Hire mobile app developer today for getting started on the application. Connect with us today for professional services.

After saying it all, we all need to remember that we can only win this war against mankind with unity. Stay home, stay safe.

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