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In this article, you will get the knowledge about the latest technologies which are most preferred by industry giants for mobile app development.

Usage of Mobile Applications is now at its peak. Whether it’s Cracking a Business deal or watching your favorite shows online everyone now has become fond of mobile applications. The affection towards Mobile applications seems to be growing boundlessly.

Increasing usage has made people more aware of the new technologies are being used in development. Nonetheless, it’s not the terminus it has end miles to reach now. Technology advancement has reached a new station in the last 2-3 years. We can use several applications to develop just one single application.

There is a multiple choice to select the perfect language for the development of the application but we need to check which language is compatible with which platform. Along with this, we need to keep our eyes on the performance, Budget and operating system.  

In the last decade, native applications hold the maximum share of the market but now with new hybrid mobile app development technologies in place, the world is shifting towards hybrid apps. Top applications like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are built with cross-platform technology: React Native.

So now let’s dig into the stuff

React Native

Native TechnologiesIt is a framework for building Native applications with the use of React. With this language, you can simultaneously develop for both the platform.  This is one of the most usable and optimized languages you will ever come across. Right from development to Further updates everything is just so easy in this because it provides the reusability of the code and Pre-Developed Component.

If you are looking forward to starting your career, you can try this. It is more reliable than other hybrid technologies and along with it works closely with Native applications so it will give you the best user experience and speed at a lower cost.  If someone is looking for developing the application which is kind of similar to naïve application but the budget is a problem, then I should Suggest they must go for React Native.

Angular JS for mobiles

Angular JSThe angular was launched by Google in 2009. It is also a JavaScript Framework. It is used for creating UI of mobile development. Developing creative UI has become easy for those who have a bit of knowledge of Angular and Bootstrap.

This language has some advanced features which include Newly styled buttons, More effective navigations, Notification, attractive forms. This application was being used to create dynamic web pages also.

Learning angularJS can give you knowledge of multiple languages as so many mobile applications have been built by the reference of angular and which can be used for developing web and mobile applications both.

Native Technologies

Native TechnologiesNative applications are those which require a particular coding language to run on a compatible device. For developing applications for android, it will require the knowledge of Java or Kotlin and for developing an application for IOS Platforms it requires fine hands-on Swift and Objective C language. It is a bit costlier than hybrid applications.

 Now a day Most of the new applications are being built on Hybrid platform as I have already mentioned the benefits of it. But on the other hand, some of the developers still choose to work with native technologies i.e. Android and IOS because:

  • It provides us the best development than the hybrid and web application development process.
  • It provides the best results and run smoothly on your device.
  • It’s superior for providing a better User experience. Because It has its operating system and each operating system has its standards and protocols to define UI/UX.
  • Thus native applications run on their specific platforms so they are more assuring more security and quality.
  • As the coding for the native application is not Everyone’s cup of tea so it requires deep knowledge which leads you to develop complex applications.

These are the benefits to go with Native applications as they are more reliable and worthy of spending more amount.


ionicThis is something similar to the React Native language. The basic difference is more useful in building services like Push notifications and analytics.

If you are good with angular you can easily start your career with Ionic as it’s a framework of Angular.

Choosing to React or Ionic is big trouble so I would like to throw some light on it.

Before choosing the application first make sure your goals and a particular industry target. Like if you are developing an application which requires continuous prototyping so you should choose Ionic over React.

And if you are looking to develop the application in which you want a Native application then you can choose  React.

It depends on you like with what you want to continue. But overall React is a better and stable framework than Ionic.


XamarianThis framework doesn’t sound so known to everyone but yes, this is the language that has the fastest development cycle over all of the mentioned technologies reason being it has the reusable code.

It mainly works with languages like C# and .NET. Due to its RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development Capability), it is mostly used for making business applications and it is also budget-friendly too.

It also supports APIs and UI of native so it may give you the same experience as native applications do. It also reduces the time to develop the applications because you need to write to code once and you can reuse it for different platforms.

For being a Xamarin developer all you need to be good with C# and .NET frameworks.

So this is all about the recent and latest trend technologies you can start your career with. And an overview of the latest technologies used in Mobile Application Development. 

As I have mentioned about the increase in the demand of the Mobile Application it is assured that major increment in this in the upcoming years. Using Mobile application development technologies and the Use of Artificial intelligence in it will make every task simpler and easier than now.

So just need to wait and see what the upcoming years have to surprise us.

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