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Digital Marketing

The word “ Digital Marketing ” needs no introduction. This word is strong enough to define its popularity and the potential it is having.

Digital Marketing has the potential to capture the market in the least amount of period time. Digital Marketing is the word that is very easy to use but it took good knowledge to explain it.

At Initial time nobody was so known to it due to less awareness and proper functionality and if we go back and check the history of Digital Marketing growth then it is just unimaginable.

Digital Marketing helped so many individuals to build their online business, and make everyone focus on Smart work, not on Hard work.

“Every new thing brings disadvantages along”

First of all, a big thanks to Larry Page, who invented Google and its Algorithm, by which we can market our business digitally more precisely.

After the invention of Google’s first algorithm, Digital Marketing was very helpful and very easy to task to do, but due to some hackers and unethical users, it started bringing problems. And the result continuously changes in the Google Algorithm.

In this article, you will learn about the updates in Digital Marketing and along with that, you will come to know about the Pros and Cons of it.

What is Digital Marketing?

This part is for those who are not even known to this word. By keeping it short and Simple, Digital Marketing is the way to promote your online business or website by the means of the Internet and social media.

You all must have heard about the Door to Door Sales in the past, so it’s just an upgraded version of doing the same task. If you want to buy something just Google It and get your product to deliver at your home with just a few clicks.

Digital Marketing

There are 4 types to perform Digital Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Which Brings the product’s website on the top.

  •  Social Media Marketing: The reason you can see Ads on different social media platforms.

  •  Search Engine Marketing: A procedure of increasing the visibility of websites on search engine result page by Paid Campaigns.

  • Pay Per Click: A way to increase the number of users on your website.

These are the brief introduction of Digital Marketing and its types. Now it’s time to get back to our main topic.

Updates in Digital Marketing

“Change Is the Principle of Nature”

A well-known truth, and somewhere we have adopted the changes in our life, so how could digital marketing and Google leg behind. So does the google changes its algorithm likewise it brings the changes in digital marketing.

The updates list for 2019 is given below

Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that AI is the future of technology and it is the only thing that will take everything on another level.

From the initial part it was mainly used for the development of Robots but now a day it is being used in Mobile Application and Digital Marketing too. In Digital Marketing, you can deploy AI for Content Marketing, and reduction of errors.

Digital Marketing

It is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It one of the recent updates available in the Google Algorithm, this is relevant to Natural Language Processing. This algorithm will understand the sentence in a better way with all the nuances.


By chatbots you can increase the number of customers for your product. It is just like a person who is 27*7 available for the help on your website.  The chatbots are helpful for providing virtual assistance to the user. Which can help in:

  •  Qualifying the leads.

  •  Assistance in the Shopping.

  •  Guidance to new users.

  •  Helps in answering the basic queries from the user.

Chatbots lesser the human work and the Computer are doing the work on behalf.

Digital Display Ads

Display of the online ads and maintenance of it requires a person to be there full-time, but neither a company has neither time nor the money to spend on it.

So the solution is Programming Advertising. This is a process which includes AI in this and it’s working is based on targeting algorithm which Buys and Place the Ads. By this, we can purchase ads by some automated channels made for Displaying.

Voice Search

Now a day, everyone wants to type less and get exactly what they want and that’s the reason behind the popularity of Voice-Based searches.

There are many tools available in the market which work on the same process for example: Alexa, Apple Homepad, Siri, Google Home, and Cortona.

These are the speakers who answer all the questions asked by the user and provide them the best search answers. So the optimizer need to make sure about using the right and Long-tail keywords.

AR and VR

Augmented and Virtual reality is the thing that you have used for playing games and watching stories. But as per the updates in digital marketing and technology, you can find it in digital marketing as well. It works for the display of the Ads.

The very famous brand Michael Kors Is the best example of it. They give an option to the user to try their sunglasses and purchase that just by an Ad. It is the best way for Brand Promotion.

That time is not so far when AI and AR/VR captures the whole market.

These are the latest updates and Techniques used in digital marketing. Its techniques updates day by day and there is no way to cover it on a short article.

As per the research, Google made around 8 to 9 changes per day and the digital marketing techniques changes together.

The updates like AR/VR and the involvement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have made online marketing much easier than before and there are no doubts they will try to make it simplest.

I hope for the best and keep checking on what’s new now Google and Digital Marketing has to bring on.

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