List of Some Best JavaScript Frameworks for 2020


JavaScript frameworks are the most used programming language around the world.

Every year many JavaScript frameworks penetrate the market some get picked up for creating applications and become popular others are left behind. 

Many frameworks dominated the market in the past decade and did leave an impact on the market and were used to develop apps.

Being updated with the latest version of frameworks would be a smart decision, developers who are aware of the latest frameworks and apps always have a better chance of acing the game.

There are many app development companies that use JavaScript frameworks to create futuristic apps and keep up with the latest trend and technology.


What is a JavaScript framework? Why should you use one?

The JavaScript framework is a rich library of pre-written frameworks, templates, codes that help developers for standard programming. Mostly used to build websites, design mobile applications with ease, making the entire procedure easier.

You can easily create a website without it but a proper framework makes the process constructive and puts all into one place. They are free and open which makes it even more accessible. 

  • Improves efficiency-It takes less time and you have to write less code. There are also patterns and functions pre-written for you.
  • User base- The JavaScript frameworks come with an enormous user base, so you get an entire community as support groups, community blogs, forums. 


Here are the best JavaScript frameworks of 2020

React is an effective open-source library to create interactive UI’s. It was created by Facebook to simplify their own frameworks. Around 2009 Facebook launched it as an open framework and has gained a lot of popularity since then. It can be used to make single and cross-page applications. Some popular brands like Netflix, WhatsApp also use this framework.





Angular was created by google around 2009. It’s an open-source java framework to create web applications. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks among developers who are looking for a centralized JavaScript with HTML and CSS. It is an open-end JavaScript that lets programmers build single-page web applications effectively. The popularity comes from several functions like declarative templates, dependency injections, end-to-end tooling , rich programming, high end codes, a full package of instruments and  LAMP & MEAN stacks.




It came out in 2011 and later released a version 1.0 after 2 years. It is a front end open-source library of JavaScript frameworks that allows software engineers to create an easy single page, portable web applications. This framework has removed the (Model view-view model) system and contains some appealing highlights to help developers. It has a lot of functions like higher consistency, troubleshooting options, stack development which make sit popular among developers.

It is supported by LinkedIn and yahoo.





It was created by Evan You in 2014 and is one of the most celebrated java frameworks. Incredibly light with the size of only 20 KB this is one versatile JavaScript framework. You can expand light structures, libraries with complete flexibility. It is also easy to learn if you have basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.  It stands directly in competition with both React and angular frameworks and might take over the market soon.


Carina Softlabs



Initially called sky break this JavaScript framework was released in 2011. After a few months, it was named meteor. It allows you to build web applications with just one single JavaScript. The meteor focuses on making the process faster and with real-time development, the applications update easily making the collaboration much easier. 


Carina Softlabs



It is one of the fastest java framework libraries. It’s actually a tool that helps compile all the components. It also means there are no frameworks, DOms involved.

There is no best java framework, you have to pick which one is most efficient and works for you. When choosing a framework, acknowledge your own circumstances and preference and then select one.

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