Smart tips to generate leads from brand new business website

As a business owner, you need to have a proper business website to get more reach online. Nowadays the internet usage is increasing day by day and hence you need to make sure that your business website has more reach in online mediums like search engine, social media platforms, etc. This will help you to get more leads from the right audience. In this blog let’s see some smart ways to generate leads through your brand new website.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic SEO

Google Ads

Since you are starting a brand new website, if you would like to get inquiries for your business website from the day one, then Google Ads will be the right choice for you. By using Google Ads, you can target the right users who are searching for particular search terms from the specific location. You need to pay to Google based on the number of clicks that you receive to your ads.

Google Ads is the paid marketing strategy by using which you can get more traffic to your website from the Google Search. There are many types of ads in Google and based on your campaign goal, you can choose the type for you to get more leads.

Suppose if you are planning to get more traffic to your business website from Google Ads, then you can choose the “Website Traffic” as a campaign goal and drive more traffic from the Google Search.

In case if you are planning to get more reach for your brand among the audience in particular location, then you can get started with the Google Display ads by using which you can show banner ads and get more reach for your brand online. As a business owner, you can hire one of the best Google AdWords PPC Consultant Dinesh Kumar VM from ClickDo and start your paid campaigns. 

Facebook Ads

Same like Google Ads, in Facebook Ads, there are many campaign types and based on your business strategy you can chose the one for you. Below image shows the basic campaign types which are available in the Facebook Ads.

These are the normal campaign types which are available in Facebook ads. For example, if you are planning to collect the user’s information like Name, email or contact details, then you can use the Facebook Lead Generation campaign type and make the users to submit the details via Facebook Forms from Ads by without visiting your website.

Similarly if you are launching any new product/service and if you need more reach. Then you can create video views ad or brand awareness ad to get more reach for your brand in Facebook. Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond uses Facebook Ads for his brands ClickDo & SeekaHost to generate leads and brand awareness. 

Email Marketing

So far in this blog, you have seen how to get more inquiries for your business using the paid campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Now let’s see how you can get more inquiries for your business by using the organic strategies.

Email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the organic way of generating more brand awareness for your brand new business. You can spend time in collecting the customer emails from various sources. Once you have the proper email list, then you can use that to generate more inquiries for your business. 

It depends on how you use the email list to generate inquiries. There are also more chances for the users to unsubscribe from your list if you send emails frequently. Hence you need to send fruitful emails in proper intervals to get the users attention. Try to offer some giveaways, so the user’s will be more interactive and will get in touch with you. This is one of the old marketing strategies to generate inquiries but still a primary lead generation source.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the way of ranking your business website for the potential search terms in Google. If you are starting a brand new website, organic SEO will take some time for you to optimize your website for target search terms. But SEO will help you in long run to generate more traffic for your website from Google Search.

As a business owner, you should hire the best SEO Agency like ClickDo for better results. Before hiring an SEO Agency, you should check their previous works and case studies. For example, if you check out the ClickDo website, you can find many SEO case studies. Hiring an agency with more experience will help you rank your business website in a smooth way. 

SEO is all about research and implementation, Hence it’s should be done in a proper way to keep your website in top of the search results for the coming years.

These are some of the smart tips for you to generate more inquiries for your business website by using both organic and paid methods.

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