Things you can do in Quarantine Days to Prevent Covid-19 & Hantavirus

Corona virus

World is in Panic. Major population don’t know how to deal with this situation. Like in most Zombie movies, a human being is the true enemy to other human beings. Both the new viruses (Covid-19 & Hanta) have no treatment for now. Emergency is launched in most of the countries including Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain and followed by India.

The only way to keep yourself safe from Corona or Covid-19 virus is to keep distance from other people. If you get in touch with any other human, you might get infected. 

It’s a chain mechanism. If you get infected, then you will infect everyone you meet. The normal way to spread this disease is through handshake, or sneezing. So it is advised to cover your face with a mask, so that you don’t get infected by aerial infection. Second way is to keep washing hands and use sanitizers. 

There is lock-down all across the world. You cannot move out. You cannot meet your friends or family. So, please don’t know how to pass their free time. Result is, they break the lock-down, resulting in more chances of infection. 



So here are a few ways by which you can pass your time in a very creative way, which can help you and your family to have a very entertaining lock-down. Here we go: 

1. Learn something new

It can be the best way to pass your time along with updating yourself with new skills. Almost everyone has some or the other thing that he/she wanted to do. Like someone wanted to learn Guitar, or someone wanted to learn developing games or someone wanted to learn cooking. But due to the hectic lifestyle we cannot manage our time to do it.

So now you have ample of time to do it. You can find some interesting courses for free on YouTube. If not, there are professional people who are willing to teach you anything you want to learn at a very nominal fee. Benefit is, it will help you build a new version of yourself, and when this quarantine and corona virus is gone, people will be amazed with your new skill set.

If you need some help with this, you can drop an email to [email protected].


2. Become a Celebrity

As a child, most of us wanted to be a movie star or a celebrity. Do you think it is tough? No, it’s not!

Now as you can reach almost everyone on the planet using the Internet and its applications, you can too become a celebrity in this Quarantine. It sounds amazing right. You definitely have some or the other skill or talent which you can use to guide others or help others.

You might also belong to a very special country or city which has a very unique dish which you know how to cook. Or you can also guide with very basic stuff which is not easy for others like gardening, home cleaning etc.

All you need to do is, set up a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel, a Twitter Handle and a Pinterest account. Define your Hobby, is it painting, is it cooking, is it coding, is it designing or is it gardening?

Once finalized, you can start making training videos to show your expertise to people. Share this video to different Facebook groups. If your content is authentic and real, you will automatically start gaining followers. Slowly, people will start recognizing you as a celebrity and it can also act as a source of income to  you.


3. Gaming

It is not a hobby, it is passion. Have you ever thought that gaming can make you earn good money? It can make you popular, it can make you a fortune and even you can play in paid competitions to make you name and fame. Also, if you don’t want to get into it professionally, then also you can play casual games which can keep you entertained.

For our audience, we were searching for games which can be for the whole family and also involve some learning for kids, so we found a few games which can be played by everyone and can keep you engaged for hours.


Corona Virus


One of the games we found is The Howitzer – Slingshot adventure. This game is available on Android, iOS and Windows platform. It is designed and developed to keep controls easy and smooth and can be even played by kids around 5 years of age. Another simple to play game is Space Runner. It is also available on all platforms.

So apart from doing it professionally, you can play such casual games. This will keep your family entertained.

4. Documentaries

There are too many new documentaries which are very nice and awesome on extinct animals, lost civilizations, and more. There are some channels which post content on mysteries around the world like Bermuda triangle, lost civilization of Atlantis, Aliens etc.

Also there are documentaries which are based on human mindset and enhancement of personality. So, while having entertainment you can improve your personality and other traits.


5. Family Time

Not everyday you are going to get such time. Best way is to spend time with your kids and family. It will give you a good time to understand them better. You can develop good habits, manners and skills in your kids and as you will spend more time with them it will help strengthen your bond.


World is dealing with an epidemic. Many have lost lives, many are struggling. And we don’t know what awaits. Corona is not yet controlled and there is new Hantavirus already there to replace Corona.



Governments are trying to control the situation. But it is our duty too, to support the lock-down and to follow the guidelines. We also need to ensure the safety of our family and our society. We wish that everyone stays safe, stays healthy and stays at home.

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