We Have Seen Life – A Journey of 9 Years!

carina softlabs inc.

It has been a roller-coaster ride. We have seen many ups and downs. We have seen hard times, we have seen many sleepless/working nights, we have seen honesty, hard work, team spirit, and above all we have seen people smile. Smile because they achieved something, they delivered something, they got positive feedback. Smile on our client’s face as they are satisfied with the work and quality, they are happy about the further business and expansion plans submitted. This is how I can define our journey of 9 years.

We started as a small venture on 24th September 2011, and we declared this day as official “World Carina Day” and have been celebrating it since then. As the usual start was a bit tough for us, in a room of 10 X 10, with only 2 founding members, we started our Journey. Slowly things start to move in our favor and in 6 months we grew to be a team of 7 people. Initially, we provided only Web Development and Digital Marketing services.

It took us 2 years from the start to reach a well-furnished office. In 2013, we took our first office and started working even harder. This year came for us with big surprises. Team Carina grew to be a team of 18 team members. The second big thing that happened that year was that we were ranked 17th by Times Indore, as one of the fastest-growing IT company in Indore.

The year 2015 came for us with challenges. There were economical changes and so we took a few steps back. But in the same year, we started our Mobile Development Department. Initially, we worked on native apps only but later we started working on cross-platform application development too.

The next big thing started in 2019. This was the year of achievement. We started our Game Development Department, with a fully-equipped Studio in Pune. We became one of the Biggest Game Development Company in Central India. The same year we got nominated for many National and International Awards and we ended runner-up on two. Team Carina grew to be of 35 members. We also started working on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We became partners with some companies to work on Extended Reality.

2020 came with surprises again with the Covid-19 outbreak and a very bad economic time for all businesses. At the time lockdown struck the country, we were also hit by problems like client’s holding the work due to financial concerns, no new clients to approach, and many more. We were in a fix and in a dilemma about the family we built. They were somehow dependent on us. So the management took the final decision to not put anyone on hold or terminate. We supported each and every member of our family. And soon this bad time also passed, and now we are back, stronger than before, committed than before, and ready to conquer the world.

Also in 2020, we established our office in Miami Florida with 3 team members working for us from there. We also became a partner with many educational institutes, ensuring the upcoming talent can get the right guidance to proceed with their career.

This is how we can define our journey of 9 years. But if we define it in one word, then all we can say is that it is “Beautiful”. Every second was worth the struggle. Every bad experience was worth the lesson. Every honest person was worth a friend. Every happy client was worth the effort.

So, Today, on the verge of a successful and challenging 10th year, Carina Softlabs Inc and Team Carina, we want to announce that, we are fully functional and even more energetic and dedicated in this pandemic situation. We know every penny our client spent on us is hard-earned. So we respect that and we assure you that we will be your best experience.

Congratulations everyone for World Carina Day!

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